Rondvaart Leiden (sloep varen)

Rondvaart - Sloep

Rondvaart in een open sloep

Sailing in Netherlands

Netherlands is a beautiful piece of this planet, it has beautiful sea, many rivers and lakes and even more flowers and windmills. This amazing country is the home of many watersports, such as boating, sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing and many others. It is the perfect place to go on a nature themed vacation with lots of camping, hiking and enjoying watersports and not to forget - sailing.

In case you ever go to the Netherlands, even if not for vacation, you have to go to Harlingen, which is a beautiful little harbor town. There are, beside the harbors, also quite a few shops, cafes and restaurant that are unique and like nothing else you have ever seen in Europe and in the world. Even if you don't have a chance or time to get on a boat yourself and try out your sailing skills, you will enjoy just sitting next to a harbor, drinking your coffee and enjoying the view on these beautiful boats.

One more place to visit in every case is Medemblik. This is also a small city, that is quite old and with a long sailing tradition. What is interesting about it and what makes it special for sailing is its Delta Lloyd Regatta which is held there every year. That means four days of amazing sailing experiences, boats and a lot of sea and wind, but also no live chat. But in case that you are not there when the regatta happens, you still have something to see - a beautiful old town with many museums, a charming city centre and some quite beautiful flourmills among which the de Herder is the most beautiful and interesting one.

Netherlands - the place of water, sailing and beautiful sights

Here is something for those of you who want to take a boat and just enjoy the salty wind and beautiful blue water. Kaag is a small city where it is all about watersports, sailing, sea and fun, so that you will be able to rent a boat there quite easily, but also come with your own and take a tour on their waters. The two best trails would be the Huigsloot and Beinsdorp, you will see that sailing is on a whole different level in Netherlands, because there are many lakes and rivers that are connected with each other and the sea, so you will be able to explore most of the country only with your boat and the kind people will help you with directions. That is why feel free to not only enjoy the Kagerplassen (the lake system in Kaag) but also other water systems that are connected to it.

Sailing on Wadden Sea and IJssel Lake is also something you should try, because there are not only renting opportunities, but you can also become a part of a team that needs one more pair of hands and pay only a little or nothing for that. These kind of things enable people to sail the whole year for only a small price and spend their whole life on the sea. So make sure to go there and get the right and amazing Dutch sailing experience.